Below are a small sample of our testimonials from email, written testimonials to Facebook and Google reviews.

We have many more testimonials and a number of local, very nice and highly respectable people who will be happy to provide a reference.

This from a recent customer in Potten End near Berkhamstead. This was a Tarmac Restoration project

After having my home refurbished, the driveway was in a terrible state. Hollies Services used their powerful pressure washer, after which all the dirt and stubborn marks left behind by the builders, had been cleared from the tarmac. They then treated the whole driveway with Picscoat tarmac restorer, a quality product, and the driveway looks like new. I have no hesitation in recommending Hollies Services.

One below from Dawn Ayres of Bushey Hall Garage.

Below is the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Story, you can read more here

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