An optional service we provide is sealing your driveway or path after its deep clean. There are a number of useful reasons for this including the prevention of weed growth and ants nest on any kind of block paving and you’ll stop Lichen from destroying your any indian, Italian or any sandstone or porous slabs.

Lichen loves porous stone but once you seal it, the stone is no longer porous so Lichen simply won’t grow on it. If you have lichen, it can be removed using our special in house solution. Below is what Lichen can do to unsealed sandstone and what it looks like after we treated it to remove the Lichen. This will be sealed and then this problem won’t return.

It’s also very good at preventing the build up of moss and other organisms such as black mould and it prevents oil spills and other stains penetrating your hard surface areas and in many cases, ruining them. We also offer an oil removal service.

It also makes it very easy for you to clean, especially on patio areas during summer, fat from barbecues acts rather like oil but with a sealed area, this can be removed with a damp cloth and warm soapy water.

In terms of block paving it’s an excellent way to inhibit weed growth as the sand inbetween the bricks or blocks is bonded by the sealant making it far harder for any weeds to grow.

We use an environmentally friendly sealer, it can be used indoors or outdoors. Though we use this universal sealant on a lot of surfaces, we will recommend more specific sealants for the more expensive stone as there are a number of stone specific sealants out there.

Please note, sealing must not be attempted in even slightly damp stone or weather conditions and not below 5 degrees (centigrade). Any moisture will try to escape causing a bubbling effect. Removing this is very difficult and will often require sand blasting the whole area and then starting again!

This isn’t something we’ve had to do (Though I have seen what happens when this is done) but it’s useful to know that November – February are not good months traditionally to attempt sealing of any kind.

Below is a before and after of a sealed driveway to give you an idea.

patio and driveway sealants

Feel free to discuss this with us, we’re more than happy to answer any questions.

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