Paving Sub structure Information

Due to the sale of the weaker home pressure cleaners and some rather cowboy pressure cleaners, both using dubious or simply the wrong methods, there has been some concern that improper use of a pressure cleaner can lead to paving substructure damage. In other words the paving becomes loose and moves.

Our equipment simply can’t do that.

That is sadly what happens when one use’s something like high pressure without any experience. It’s also worth pointing out that loose or damaged pointing will come out and can be remedied after cleaning. In terms of block paving, our rotary cleaner will only take the first 10 or so millimeters of sand out, which we reapply afterwards. Nothing will move.


This also means it’s impossible to cut down beneath the bricks or paving as a brick or block has a much deeper depth than 10mm. This also only applies to areas that are sanded or contain a soft area between slabs or bricks. Well concreted or pointed areas are not affected but as mentioned and will be discussed when we visit. loose pointing will come out but it’s not expensive to re point any previously tired areas and it shouldn’t really be there anyway. No one wants to trip over.

Please note, we take exceptional care over the jobs we take on. We’d be very happy to discuss this. If you’d like us to come and have a look at the area concerned please feel free to get in touch.

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