Oil Removal

Spilt oil is extremely unsightly on any driveway and far worse on a new or clean one. Although we offer an oil removal process but there is a slight caveat.

Most stones like brick and sandstone are porous and oil seeps into it over time, after a while the oil will have penetrated so deep, removal isn’t an option, our method will help but the longer it’s left the less likely a successful complete removal will be achieved.

However, for those people who have a more recent spillage, the prognosis for a complete removal is excellent. In fact if you’ve had your driveway sealed, it’s even easier and one of the main reasons we recommend sealing in the first place.

We can come over to assess the area and the hard surface it’s spilt on and get some indication of the length of time it’s been there, from there we’ll give you straight and honest advice, if it’s been too long and we don’t think we can completely remove it, we’ll tell you but in nearly all cases, even with very old stains, our special oil removal liquid will severely lessen the stain.

Contact us at your leisure and we’ll come round and inspect it free of charge for you.

Call us today on 01923 537123 or email us at info@holliesservices.co.uk