Repointing and Sanding

All brick and block paving ought to have a good reapplication of kiln dried paviour sand after being laid or cleaned. The sand, contrary to some strange urban myths has nothing to do with preventing weeds but simply to keep the bricks in place.

In fact not replacing the sand will mean that weed seeds landing over spring establish their roots way down the bricks, this means roots growing under the bricks or blocks. This can have a very negative affect on your paving sub structure.

We use a rotary cleaning machine on block paving with angular jets designed not to remove more than 10 mm of the sand thus not affecting the substructure of the bricks or blocks. This sand must be replaced though.

Nb. If you want to prevent weed growth on block paving, here’s a really brutally honest and very simple truth. Many times I’ve been asked if I can guarantee that no weeds will come back. Here I’m afraid is the way nature works – You won’t win in one hit.

Maintenance is imperative and the one thing I can guarantee, particularly on any block paving unless it’s sealed is that I can absolutely guarantee that over the months of spring hundreds of thousands of airborne microscopic weed  seeds will land on your drive in the wind. Now add to that fact they land in nice clean sand with a nice route to the soil beneath…. Well you get the picture, weeds will return.

To prevent weed growth on block paving you can either allow us to carry out a monthly/bi monthly weed killing service, (this is particularly important if you have bad drainage or soakaways as the sand provides good drainage and sealing it will prevent water draining back into the earth via the block paving) or you can seal it which bonds the sand almost preventing weed growth.

We can assess if sealing is going to be a good idea and at this point our sealing page/chapter is the best thing to see

We also offer a repointing service for slabs where the concrete pointing is tired, crumbling or gone completely. Although we do offer traditional re pointing, like most paving companies nowadays we tend to use a rather fancy and very easy to use polymeric sand.

Polymeric sand can be bought in many different colours to match the current pointing and the application process is far less messy, time consuming and expensive compared to traditional re pointing. It’s simply sand you brush into the joints or areas that have come loose, then it’s soaked and it sets like cement.

I can’t in all honesty say it’ll last a good 30 years like a decent traditional mortar but it does provide an excellent fix and will last for many years.

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