Lichen and stubborn stain removal

Ever since the mass popularity of the many different and various sandstone and porous slabs, especially the likes of Indian, Italian and Chinese sandstone, Lichen has been thriving.

Lichen is a symbiont, an algae and a fungus that join forces, one sitting on the top sucking in the sunlight while the other buries itself deep into the porous element of the stone.

There are several types of Lichen that affect stone. Yellow is mainly surface dwelling and can be removed with pressure. Most white lichen can also be removed with pressure but more stubborn white lichen may require treatment.
Black lichen is the real culprit. There is irregular looking black lichen and what I call oil spot lichen, small to medium size black spots that tend to, for no particular reason, affect the outer parts of slabs near the pointing. This particular lichen is almost impossible to remove with pressure alone.

Hollies Services have a unique solution they apply to lichen infested stone. Left to dwell on the surface for a period of time that depends on the severity of the infection will totally remove the lichen.

Once removed, it’s recommended to have this done yearly or, seal the stone afterwards. This makes the previously porous stone slabs, no longer porous and that nasty lichen simply can’t grow on stone that isn’t porous.

The image below shows a swimming pool surround in Sarratt. This will require re pointing and sealing but is purely to show you how efficient our lichen removal service is.

Lichen removal

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