Gutters can be a nuisance in more than one way.

Mainly they’re often out of view and you often have no idea it’s blocked until a very heavy shower and it’s pouring over the edges or quite often, very costly internal damage to the property including rotting fascia’s and soffits and internal damage to the roof timbers. Replacing fascia’s and soffits and consequently the guttering is not only a big job but it runs into thousands of pounds to get done.

skyvac gutter cleaning

watford gutter cleaning

Not freeing up your gutters will eventually lead to other more expensive jobs.

Traditionally, gutter cleaning has been rather expensive and long winded to get done. Cherry pickers cost a fortune to rent, ladders are dangerous and take ages to get down and move it forward a metre each time and scaffolding is not only very expensive, it’s incredibly time consuming…and all you want is clean gutters.

That is where our revolutionary Skyvac machine comes in. No ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers, in fact no leaving ground level at all and no mess.

Skyvac is reported to be the worlds strongest free standing aquatic/dry vacuum. The vacuum has a number of attachable carbon graphite poles that can reach up to four storeys. With a Go Pro style camera at the top and a screen on the pole at eye level, we can see exactly what’s happening from ground level….and it’s quick too.

Unlike traditional methods, where you can’t see the gutters before or after they’ve been cleaned, we can provide photo’s and/or video to show you exactly what we’ve done. In fact some customers are so impressed they actually come outside to have a go on the machine themselves!

It can also be used for internal use, hoovering tall ceiling, church’s and even getting those annoying lost shuttlecocks and balls from the top of sports halls!

If you need your gutters cleaned, if you don’t want the hassle of the traditional methods and you’d like something affordable, reliable, not time consuming and messy, then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Feel free to call us, I’ll be more than happy to pop round and give you a demonstration. Don’t forget in Autumn when the leaves, moss and rain are falling on the roof, gutters get bunged up and down pipes suffer the same. It’s not a fun scenario.

We can put our camera up, show you whats up there, then if you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll do the same again and show you the results afterwards via the camera.

It’s far simpler.

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