Garden furniture restoration

Over the months of November until January we offer a garden furniture cleaning and restoration service (Though will undertake projects at other times).

We clean and restore all types of garden furniture from basic plastic chairs and tables to more bespoke or even very old and antique garden furniture.

Depending on what is required we may simply treat and pressure clean plastic furniture, clean sand and repaint metal furniture or a complete clean, sanding, a lot of TLC and treating with oil, stain or paint on new or older wooden furniture.

We also have a garden statue and furniture cleaning service. In fact I doubt there’s a great deal outside we can’t restore.

All items once cleaned are carefully wrapped in a protective plastic sheeting so when you want to use them in Spring, whether they’ve been left outside or in the garage/shed, there will be no need to dust them, wash off any cobwebs and by all accounts you’ll feel like you’re getting out a nicely cleaned and restored set of furniture or garden ornaments.

Below are three projects we’ve recently undertaken.

This project was great fun to restore. An elderly couple had some outdoor furniture that the wife could remember sitting on as a little girl at her grandmothers house, making it well over 100 years old. Now, without wanting to sound rude, it looked like that too! The top left image is the completed table and chairs back in the customers garden and the other two is some of the original furniture we started with, the table top was in a very bad way as you can see.

antique garden furniture restoration

We had to completely remove the table top and start again.

It took some effort but we managed to produce a nice circular table top.

The stand for the table top, a beautifully patterned iron with many layers of paint was painstakingly sanded by hand and once it was all painted in the colour the customer chose, it was almost like new. In fact the lady almost cried and said it looked exactly as it had when she was a young girl.

The next restoration project was for the wife of my old headmaster. Now I left school over 20 years ago and this furniture, like the one above, belonged to his grandmother, so again well over 100 years old. This was pressure cleaned, sand blasted and painted white. The left images are before and the right is the completed restoration.


Another example. The age and origin of the table is unknown but the umbrella stand was from Victorian times. This is indoor furniture but definitely something we do and it was a beautiful umbrella stand.

And finally below is a before and after of an outside table clean. With our in house cleaning solution and a good pressure wash this very tired looking table looks like new again.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We can also provide you a free quotation and answer any questions you have then.

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