Stage #2 of Operation Big Weed…

As you can see, Anne’s front garden wasn’t just full of weeds, it was growing flowers too. It was the first time we’d seen a block paving flower bed, which was, in it’s own way, rather nice. Here is the before after some weed killing remedial treatment. The ‘after’ shot follows. And after quite a battle… Because of the extent […]

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A Crazy Paving Cleaning Example.

Crazy paving can be a pain to clean at times because so many people neglect to look after the pointing and it eventually crumbles. It’s sad really because the colours that often come up underneath the dirt of some crazy paving is really quite something. This recent job shows exactly what I mean. And just take a look at the […]

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Gutter Cleaning on Nascot Wood.

As always happens around this time of year with the Autumn well and truly setting in, we get a number of gutter cleaning jobs lined up and it was time for the SkyVac to make it’s yearly comeback. The SkyVac is the reportedly the worlds strongest vacuum and is capable of very easily sucking up the most resilient of gutter […]

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More Tea and Biscuits on the Tudor!

Having seen me across the road, Grahams neighbour asked me for a quote and it wasn’t long before we were doing another driveway and rear, with the now standard and well appreciated tea and biscuit offerings I enjoy so much on the Tudor Estate. Have a look at this job below. Sadly my camera was only available at the end […]

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Tea and Biscuits on the Tudor Estate.

Here we did more block paving cleaning for Graham Sterry on Tudor Drive. Graham was an extremely nice man who kept me well supplied with very tasty biscuits and splendid tea. Not to mention he was a splendid singer. The before and afters are less impressive as Graham kept his driveway very tidy on a yearly basis but you can […]

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Autumn 2015 Gutter Cleaning Alert!

Hollies Services

It’s that time of the year when the nights roll in again, the chestnuts go on the fire and the heating comes back on. It’s also the time those leaves make their way from their lofty positions in the trees to their equally lofty spots in your gutters, nicely hidden from view, stacking on top of each other, nestling in […]

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