Before & Afters

Below are a selection of before and after photo’s of various jobs. This is just a gallery and more information about each job can be found in our blog section.

The yellow brick road…Before.

And after…

And others…

Stained slabs cleaned in Kings Langley

This is Brian’s path, Brian is an elderly gentleman with mobility issues, it didn’t help having a path in that state, especially in the rain when it used to get very slippery, not anymore!

Very weedy block paving

In fact most of Brian’s hard surface areas were particularly bad but with our treatment process, we brought Brian’s block paving back to new…

block paving cleaning and weeds

Below are a small selection of other driveways and patio’s cleaned.

This is a small block paving area at the beginning then there are four images showing the process and then the end result.

block paving before

Block paving cleaning

block paving after

This is Jackies drive. It’s rather large. Huge in fact and almost totally covered in moss. Time to get it back to it’s former glory. Here is what it looked like before and after.

Lets get to work! This was quite severe! After a some much needed work, a nicer and clean tarmac drive and car park area…

Below are some shots from a path I’ve just done, this path is block paved and was only put down 12 months ago, it’s a great example of just how quickly in British weather, especially the winter months that most hard surface areas really deteriorate. The good news is it does take long or cost much to get it looking like it did when it was brand new. 



The below image is a very hastily done test patch to show a recent customer. Dirt builds up so slowly over time on patio’s and driveways that most people don’t notice. It’s quite a surprise to see what’s been hidden all these years!

The Dirt Blaster

Here are some crazy paving restorations.

crazy paving deep clean

patio cleaning buckinghamshire

patio clean before and after

Below is an example of a very small block paving area and the process we went through.

This is Joan’s garden, she had three areas that needed some serious cleaning.


Below is a concrete area at the back of Joans and a path she didn’t actually realise had coloured stones!

Concrete and paving cleaning

Below is a job we did in Nascot Wood in Watford. Nice block paving restoration…

Driveway pressure cleaning



More Block paving pressure cleaning on the Tudor Estate, Watford…





Crazy paving. I always love the colours that come back to life with crazy paving.

cleaning crazy paving

crazy paving cleaning


And just take a look at the difference in these photo’s during the actual clean…

During the job!

During the job!

Though I need to put sand down, this is a great example of how a weed riddled bit of block paving can almost look like it’s brand new. In fact it will when the sands down and I’ll add that picture shortly.

Even after 2 weeks of weed killer, this was still quite a job.

Even after 2 weeks of weed killing, this was still quite a job.

And after quite a battle…


Below are some gutter before and afters

We do find some rather interesting flowers and other flora when we clean gutters, it’s organic too, natural dirt and rain water provides a wonderful environment for just about anything to grow in. Sadly they’re your gutters and not the best place to appreciate it.

Not so good gutters

Not so good gutters

dirty gutters

Clean gutters

Clean gutters

Clogged gutters

Clear gutters example

This next job was on a three storey Victorian house with some very hard places to reach, it was also by three very large pine tress and almost the entire guttering was filled with it’s pine needles. Quite a job but they do now have completely clear gutters.

Pine needles in guttering

Pine needles in guttering

Very blocked gutters

It was pretty bad.

It was pretty bad.

With a bit of hard work we managed to get it back to working order again…

Clean gutters

gutters after cleaning

Hollies Services

A much smaller job.

Leaves in gutters

No leaves in gutters!

Below is a great example of a gutter that’s totally blocked, luckily we were able to mend it!

This gutter isn't doing what it should.

This gutter isn’t doing what it should.

It certainly looks better below and functions normally now. Sadly it’s easy to put this out of mind as it’s simply not something you realise is is happening.

It certainly is now though!

It certainly is now though!

I’m sure you’ve had enough now but just one last fully blocked gutter and the result after we’ve been and taken care of it!

Lichen removal from severely infected Indian Sandstone

Lichen removal

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