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A snowy start to 2019…

Well that’s been a chilly couple of weeks with all the snow. A bit of a warm snap is here this week and I’m jolly happy about it, it’s hard work trying to pressure clean anything with taps being frozen over. That said it’s been a busy start to 2019 with a lot of previous customers already getting early cleans […]

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Outdoor Furniture Restoration

We specialize over the winter months on outdoor garden furniture cleaning and restoration. (It’s all year round but November to February is the time most people don’t use their patio and garden furniture) We clean and restore anything from basic plastic tired tables and chairs to 200 year old antique garden furniture – and everything in between. Faded plastic can […]

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Gutter Cleaning Alert.

I’m afraid it’s that time of the year again when the leaves fall, the rain drops and the moss multiplies and grows in the beautiful organic, untouched by human hands environment of your gutters. Out of site, out of mind, moss is building up and manuring itself with dead leaves and the air borne seeds of next year will relish […]

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The Yellow Brick Road

This was a recent testimonial from a true gentleman and a very satisfied customer who was very pleased we’d cleaned the yellow brick road. Albeit in Ballinger and not the original Oz. It was badly infected with Lichen but looked like new when we’d finished. Many thanks for a great testimonial! Below is the path in question before we began […]

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Lichen infested Indian sandstone brought back to life.

This was a recent one in Amersham I wanted to share as it’s another example of very porous slabs being infested with Lichen, those pesky black spots that no amount of pressure ever shifts. We have an in house solution that actually kills the lichen, which is the only way to remove it, the solution in combination with our pressure […]

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Block Paved Drive In Watford

This was a small block paved front drive area. The patio was quite badly infected with Lichen and the after shot is immediately post clean and prior to reprinting and sealing.   The customer was very happy with these results, as you can see this drive has been left for quite some time, the dirt has accumulated, but with a […]

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