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We are driveway, patio and gutter cleaning experts and we clean and restore all types of garden furniture from modern plastic, metal and wood to very old antique garden furniture.

My name is Richard and that smiling chap on the left is Byron.


We do something we think is rather special and something our customers tell us we do rather well.

We clean driveways, patio’s and paths so they look like new and we clean gutters in a rather revolutionary way that involves no ladders, expensive scaffolding or hiring out cherry pickers.

This can save you a lot of money.

We take a great deal of pride in our work and as perfectionists, we always leave our customers extremely happy.


driveway and gutter cleaning

What we do…

We have invested in top of the range equipment. Our pressure cleaners are the industry standard and our gutter cleaning equipment has revolutionised the entire domestic and commercial gutter cleaning industry. Below is the Honda pressure cleaner we use.

Pressure Cleaning equipment

This the Skyvac below…

Skyvac gutter cleaning system

Patio’s, Driveways and paths.

We can clean virtually any kind of pathway, patio, driveway or any hard landscaped areas in the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. We use a high pressure cleaning system that removes even the toughest of material growth, oil stains, and any other accumulated dirt.

Most people don’t notice their drive or patio becoming dirty. It builds up so slowly it’s hard to notice. The nicest thing about this job is when you bring an old patio back to it’s original state, all the colours and shades stand out and when all the work is finished, it looks a like new patio, but at a fraction of the cost of putting a new one in!

Below is a job we did for an elderly customer, Brian. Brian had a lot of growth on his path and contacted us because he was worried he’d slip on it when wet or icy weather occurred during winter months. He wasn’t aware there was an affordable service that could remove this for him. We were able to bring his paths back to new and slip free too.

Brian got a 10% discount too, as do all over 60’s. Because you’ve paid your taxes and you deserve it. If you’re eligible for a free bus pass, you can have a discount on us as well. (Have a look at some before and afters here)

block paving cleaning and weeds

Expensive sandstone which being porous is very susceptible to Lichen (black and white spots) but with our unique in house cleaning solution these expensive slabs can look brand new again.

We also offer a tarmac restoration service using the incredible “Picscoat” refurb system. We high pressure wash the tarmac, carry out any repairs then the tarmac is coated in “Picscoat”. The results are truly amazing. On our tarmac restoration page you can see tarmac that has “Picscoat” applied and the tarmac after cleaning but before applying a coat below that.


Once an area has being thoroughly cleaned you may decide to have it sealed. There are a number of benefits to this particularly in two types of paving. The gaps between bricks and blocks that are always treated with kiln dried paviour sand after cleaning are going to have millions of microscopic airborne weed seeds land on the sand in spring. The sand is a lovely medium for weeds to develop. By sealing brick and block paving the top bit of the sand in between the bricks bonds like a cement making it almost impossible for weeds to grow.

In the case of any porous sandstone or paving you will in time get lichen/black spot growing on the slabs, though we can remove this quite easily it will come back. When you seal any porous stone it is no longer porous and lichen only grows on porous material so it won’t come back. You can find out more on our sealing page here.

Sealing any area is also great if you have an oil spill or drip fat on a patio area as it can’t penetrate the top layer to form a stain. We can remove most oil spills though and have a page you can read about that here.

The new way to clean gutters. It’s fun too.

This is something we think you’re going to like.

We use a revolutionary gutter cleaning machine that involves no ladders, scaffolding, cherry pickers or similar. We stay at ground level at all times.

Basically we use a very powerful vacuum that sucks up even the most clogged gutters. On the end is a camera that shows the gutter being cleared on a screen I have with me on the ground. You can see it at work below.

Skyvac gutter cleaning

We’re very proud of this, in fact a number of customers have come out to have a go on it themselves!

Garden Furniture Restoration

Mostly during the winter months when people don’t use their outdoor furniture we offer a complete cleaning and restoration service. This can be anything from standard plastic, metal, wood and Rattan chairs and tables to antique and incredibly beautiful furniture. There’s a picture below but I’d recommend you look at the garden furniture restoration page which is full of information and includes a recent project in some detail. You can visit that page here. The top left is the finished project with the other two images showing the state it was in when we picked it up.

We also pick up and deliver the furniture back when it’s done and can wrap it up for storage so it looks like new when you want to use it again in spring.

antique garden furniture restoration

Why you should use us…

Our aim is to show you just what a difference we can make to your property. We know from experience the reaction many customers have, they simply can’t believe the difference it makes. Old patio’s show colours you’d long forgotten about, or if you bought the property long after it was laid, perhaps colours you’d never even seen. Driveways that are old and worn that look like new after we’ve been there. Path’s that have long been given up on that can look like they were made a day ago.

We enjoy our work, we enjoy the reactions we get from happy customers and we can guarantee you will always be treated politely, courteously and how you deserve to be treated. Something we believe has been sadly forgotten of late.

Lastly, as supporters of Keep Britain Tidy, we hope you enjoy our logo which we were kindly given permission to adjust and hope you help “Keep Britain’s Driveways Tidy”

… And patios, path’s and guttering too.

Feel free to get in touch to meet us and have a chat about what you’re thinking of having done and we can then measure up and have a brief inspection then we’ll go away and get your quote sent to you. It’s entirely up to you from there.

We are based in Watford and cover all of Hertfordshire including Croxley Green, Bushey and all surrounding areas. We also have an office and equipment in Buckinghamshire to cover the Chesham, Amersham, Berkhamstead, Wendover, Aylesbury, Tring and surrounding splendid places.

Call us today on 01923 537123 or email us at info@holliesservices.co.uk